windows phone

  1. Alaina

    Microsoft confirms Windows Phone is dead

    Windows Phone 8.1 is over and after series of tweets by Joe Belfiore we know that Windows 10 Mobile is also slowly but steadily heading to the product graveyard of Microsoft. The Microsoft VP, responsible for the mobile OS said that Microsoft will keep supporting the platform with bug fixes, but...
  2. Alexa

    Skype will continue working on older versions of Windows Phone, Android, and iOS until early 2017

    If you recall, Microsoft announced last month that starting October this year, Skype will no longer be supported on the older versions of some operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as OS X. While that's still the case, the Redmond, Washington-based company has now...
  3. Alexa

    Another SD820-powered Windows Phone device spotted on GFXBench

    Last month, when a Snapdragon 820-powered Windows Phone device - dubbed HP Falcon - was spotted on GFXBench, we first treated the news with skepticism as there had been no news (or even rumors) whatsoever on that front, but subsequent reports confirmed the existence of such an HP device. Now...