1. Naveed Ali

    Y530-U00 Unbrick Xml Firmware [ CM2 ]

    Wait for phone... Device Found! Initialize ... Handshake passed! BB_IDC_CPU : SnapDragon 2x/4x|00 [MSM8x10] ID_BLOCK_S : 01EA87A5 ID_BLOCK_I : 008110E1 ID_BLOCK_L : 22C2B846F17D6A654237D9C60158D8F0 ID_BLOCK_L : A1DC62CDCE51F90A8F6E2398EA051338 Use CM2 Internal Loader Loader Sent! Initializing...
  2. Mobiles Doctor

    Y530-U00 Flash File

    Hi I am Tested Y530-U00 Hang on Huawei Logo. By Update with SD Card it Fixed. I shared with my all gsmhosting Friends. 01. download File from Here.... 02. Extract and copy dload Folder into root of SD card. 03. Power off mobile and insert SD Card and press and hold Vol+ and Vol- and Power on...