1. A

    A300FU 6.0.1 unlock done with z3x

    first flash this modem file a300fu unlock File analysis... Ok Total file size: 0x02F08700 (47 Mb) Searching USB Flash interface... COM15 detected Setup connection... Ok Reading PIT from phone... Ok Sending modem.bin... Ok Flashing done (time - 00:00:11) After flash modem simply unlock with z3x...
  2. Nadeem Waris

    Z3x Easyjtag Update.v, Just Small Update

    EasyJTAG, Just small Update New phone added via ESP(DIRECT EMMC): - support SM-J700 (ISP Pinout, Dump Files), Added: - delay and retry count options for eMMC with bad sectors. - displaying GP0..GP3 partitions size if they are avaiable. Fixed bugs in Qualcomm Flasher Discuss here
  3. Nadeem Waris

    Z3X-BOX Samsung Pro Update. 23.6. Galaxy S6,S6 Edge/Edge+/Note 5 patch cert. :)

    Samsung Tool 23.6 Pro Released. Galaxy S6,S6 Edge/Edge+/Note 5 patch cert. 1st World , Real IMEI repair. After few month of hardworking, something very wanted and very hot released by z3x) We have released patch cert for lot of top phones. Very wanted phones. Just look the list. Attention...