1. Sarmad Ali


    1: Connect Net via Hammer VPN 2: After using 98 mb Disconnect Data 3: Download Luckypatcher and Open it 4: Click On Hammer vpn 5: Click On Open Menu patches 6: Click On change the Apps Components 7: Click On change primision save orignal signature ( unstable method ) 8: Click On Get-Task 9...
  2. Sarmad Ali

    Zong Free Internet 6/1/2016

    Mobile Setting: name: zong Apn: zongwap Save psiphone or sypon shield handler setting: remove tick mark proxy type: real host proxy server: www.olx.com save and Enjoy....... NOTE: ONLY 100 mb/day
  3. Xolo

    Zong And Warid 4G Huawei Wingle E8372h-153 Unlocking Process

    1. Get the Flash Code for your device here Huawei Flash Code 2. Download following firmware for downgrade - E8372_firmware_downgrade.7z before you flash it - check and remember your current firmware version. You may need it after complete unlocking process. Download Click Here 3. Now, Connect...
  4. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Zong Free Internet 2G&3G Updated For Symbian and Android

    Send SMS > CFD > 6464 After Conformation sms from daraz.pk Follow these Settings:
  5. Sarmad Ali

    Zong (2G&3G) Free Net 100% Working For JAVA

    Go to Message>Write CFD Send to 6464 After Daraz.pk active conformation sms do setting: For JAVA Mobiles Setting: Download Prov File From here then Send this Prov File in any China Mobile then send prov file from china to Nokia JAVA mobile via Bluetooth and Choose Setting...
  6. Sarmad Ali

    [PAKISTAN] - Zong Free Net with Psiphon App For Android

    Go to message>Write sms CFD Send to 6464 Mobile Setting: Name: GSMdunya.com APN: zongwap Proxy: blank Port: blank Save Setting. Psiphon App Setting: Psiphon App Download Links: http://aiotop1.downloadatoz.com/package/com.psiphon3.downloader.apk PsiPhon (Android) - Download Enjoying and...