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11 reasons why Sony Xperia Z3 is better than iPhone 6

Discussion in 'Sony - What's New?' started by Princess, Feb 14, 2015.

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    9fbd16448b32f60f7bc2552f1fd81552.jpg Apple iPhone 6 8070e0bac87d6449f80286b91b535200.png Sony Xperia

    As you’ve noticed, we’ve been trying something new here at PhoneDog. Instead of the usual head-to-head comparisons, we’re bringing you a handful of reasons why you should consider stumping up your own cash for one phone or the other. And this week, I’m zoning in on features on the Z3 which I think are better.
    • 1. Camera Shutter Button.

      The Xperia Z3 features a camera shutter button which makes it way easier to launch and snap pictures. Simply press it for a second or two and the camera app loads up. Press it again, and you’ve taken a picture. True point-and-shoot style.

      2. Camera feature-set

      There are simply tons of them. You can add in augmented reality overlays like dinosaurs, or an underwater scenes. What’s more, you can download extra themes. As well as that there’s slow motion video, you can broadcast live to YouTube, add a creative effect by using filters as you take the photo, there’s 4K video recording, multi-angle shooting, sound photos and so much more. If you’re in to playing around with your camera and trying new things, it takes a long time to get bored with the Sony. It does a lot.

      3. Design

      iPhone may look classy and and seamless from the front. But Turn it over and those plastic bands and the protruding camera ruin it completely. The Z3 has the same glossy seamless finish on the front and the back. Its obsidian-like finish is complemented further by the dark gray chassis.

      3. Durability - Water and Dust proofing

      Moving on and we’re still sort-of on design. But this time, we’re discussing durability. Unlike the iPhone 6, the Z3 has IP67 certified water and dust-proof capabilities. The relief that comes from knowing you can answer your phone when it’s raining is incredible. Especially if you live an area - like me - that has rain about 80% of the year.

      5. Battery Life

      Sony’s flagship smartphone can get through 2 days on a fully charged battery.

      6. Stereo Sound

      Number 6 is one for the audio junkies. Z3 has Stereo front-facing Speakers. This creates a more immersive multimedia experience with the phone facing towards you. I’m sure I’m not the only one who gets frustrated with the iPhone 6’s special palm-muting “feature”.

      7. Digital Noise Cancelation and EQ

      Number 7 is also audio-centric. But this time, has nothing to do with the loudspeaker. The Z3 has Digital Noise cancellation with compatible earphones, and a hugely customizable EQ. You can essentially make it sound whatever way you want it to.

      8. Expandable Storage

      Need more songs or movies on your device? Slot in a MicroSD and you can have all the media you can handle, with support for up to 128GB. Can’t do that with any iPhone. Ever.

      9. PS Remote Play

      If you’re a PS4 user, #9 is very compelling reason to buy an Xperia Z3: Remote Play lets you play your PS4 games from your phone using a PS4 controller.

      10. LED Notification Light

      #10 may seem minor, but to me, it’s incredibly useful. Sony’s Xperia has an LED notification light - I love the way it looks. It’s subtle and attractive, and flashes in different colors.

      11. Display size

      Last on my list. And it’s the display - Sony’s screen is bigger. It’s 5.2-inch vs. 4.7-inch in a device that’s only a few mm taller. If you’re a fan of the bigger screen, you can definitely tell the difference between the two. Especially when watching movies.

      So that’s it for my 11 reasons why the Xperia Z3 beats the iPhone 6. Look out for the follow-up video next week where I’ll be offering up the reverse, and why the iPhone 6 is better than the Z3.
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