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Feb 13, 2012
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What Make your iPhone Activation Locked with icloud account?
Apple have include new future call activationlock in ios7 and newer but it still accept in ios6 too.
how ever you can enable this only in iOS7 and newer, but phone will stay locked even if you managed to downgrade.
That's why its call activation lock. activation server may not return valid unlock recode or any kind of token unless login details provided.
Bypass is WAY people use now days but its not DISABLE OR REMOVE.without valid unlock token or ticket its always NO SERVICE..

How its getting setup?
Once you enable icloud with any account and enable FindMyiPhone service your account it will active value in icloud service "activationlocked:true" once its active you can deactivate/disable only when you enter correct login details while activating via itune or wifi.

How come iPhone ask id when activating or unlocking?
Reason is same activation service check for uuid,imei/ecid and other recode to verify activationlocked service if its return true it send back enter username and password to active it.how ever all latest itune are updated to show warning before restart you must disable icloud findmyiphone first and delete icloud account before continue. but some reason people do restore in DFU and restore mode and land to activationlocked condition.

How to unlock this type of phone?
Basically not possible any 3rd party way to do it(via apple still possible but not public yet).but you can do if its your own phone by entering correct login and itune will allow activating it.
second method is via hackactivation/patched lockdown/ticket bypassing activation is will work, BUT issue will be NO NETWORK because there is no valid activation recode or unlock recode wildcard ticket.
icloud server may not to accept if uuid,imei/ecid is already bind with other id.you will get FindMyiPhone is not active(no device in account).

What to check before servicing any iphone now days ?
Make sure you check with imei findmyiphone is off.(even if phone setting > icloud > no details or findmyiphoen is off,trust only sever report. )
Make sure icloud account findmyiphone is off and icloud account is deleted.
iTune latest version will not let you restore in normal condition if icloud account is enable.(still can restore in recovery or dfu.)

Dev talk about this issue.
Possible developer talk on this is finding correct keys to read keybag and decrypt password, if if if phone is not erased from current login.<-only for A4 cpu, no bootrom exploit for A5 OR later.
Possible direct unlock without activation recode will help still jailbreak unlock exploit lot other stuff need to make phone work.
Generating original activation ticket for phone and sent to apple activation server with known username and random password or directory base. <- (must use &isAuthRequired=true in post request data else activation server won't authorize it. look only possible way but hard enough)
Generating custom activation ticket with own privet key and certificate send it to phone . <-(still need jailbreak and lockdown patch other stuff.)
Many more idea i hope soon we have more details.

This is my view for apple iPhone activation lock i hope this may help you.
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