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Acer Liquid Gallant Duo E350 – ROM Android 4.0.3

Install ROM :

1. Pre Installation (Root, Recovery Mod and Advice)

A. Having the battery to 100%

B. Having a microSD almost 4 gb

C. Read and re-read again carefully review this guide and the guides for the root and recovery.

D. If you have not installed the SuperRecovery with Root passed through this Post and follow the step by step guide. Then come back here and go to step E.

E. If you already have or you have just installed the SuperRecovery with Root continue with the installation of ClockworkMod Beta 1 following the guidance found in this Post and then come back here and continue to drive through to step 2.

At this point, the first part is over and you will have your Gallant Duo with the permissions of the new Root and ClockworkMod Recovery installed.

2. Backup (System and Applications)

A. The market scaricatevi a backup app like Titanium Backup (free) and take a backup of your applications that you have downloaded and installed earlier. Wipe carefully with you also lose all your sms and mms so if you do not want to lose save them with an app that you will surely find the Play Store.

B. Also from the market for those who have problems getting into Recovery with Vol + and Power download Quick Boot (Free).

C. Enter now in recovery using Quick Boot (if downloaded) Recovery choosing the menu for this app otherwise you have to turn off your device and enter the combination of the Vol + and Power.

D. Now you have to do a full backup system for restoring. Use the Volume keys go to the Backup and Restore menu and enter the Power Button.

E. In this sub menu drop down to the line "choose backup format" and confirm by pressing Power now get a line on the choice tar and confirm again with Power. You will set up the compression format. Tar.

F. Confirm that you see now on the first choice and that is "up" with the usual power button. Now just wait until the full backup! your Device (boot.img, recovery.img, System, Data and Cache).

G. Using the Volume keys go to the line + + + + + Go Back + + + + + and press Power.

H. Finally, again by pressing Power up line reboot system now to restart your device.

I. With the device turned on connect it to your PC using the USB cable and you will see the microSD ext (sdcard2) a new folder "ClockworkMod" for further safety advice to copy it to your PC. Else within the full backup of your system and then again get done just before a backup inside your PC.

Now the second point is finished so if you're still not convinced continue with the guide and go to step 3 to flash the custom rom.

3. Installing Rom

A. Downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page in the section DOWNLOAD rom.

B. Copy it into your microSD

C. Restart your Gallant Duo Recovery with Quick Boot or Off with the usual combination of buttons Vol + and Power

D. First of all we have to do a clean install to make the two Wipe in the recovery. Then go to the line "wipe data / factory reset" and confirm by pressing Power. Do the same with the next choice "wipe cache partion". You will have reported at this point your device to factory state as the first starting of the engine.

E. Finally you are ready to flash your custom rom going on line "install zip from sdcard" and confirm by pressing Power.

F. Again confirmed on the first choice "choose zip from sdcard" with Power.

G. Now you have to choose the file you want to install For my rom confirming with the usual Power button.

H. Finally get off the line and confirmed – Yes – Install —-> Finally will start the installation.

I. Wait until the installation is finished.

L. Restart your device confirming the line reboot system now.

M. Reset all like the first time. If you synchronize your account you will download the app you previously installed and any updates. Otherwise downloaded from the market or install Titanium Backup and reinstall the app that you had previously saved at the beginning of this guide.
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