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Aishon A12

Discussion in 'Android based Phones - Tablets' started by Ville, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Ville

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    This tablet has been resurrected! Works just as good as my Vido M1 so far, very pleased.

    In order to flash it, your tablet has to be recognized as 'rockusb', so use the drivers that come with RKBatchtool.

    After installing correct driver and plugging tablet into a non-hub usb 2.0 port (back of PC is best)

    1. Turn off tablet

    2. Run rkbatchtool as an admin

    2. Turn on PC speakers

    3. Hold down power button and press the other button(back) and hold that one down as well

    4. Your PC should make an audible notification that a recognized device was connected.

    5. The first box in rkbatchtool should now be green, if not, go back and recheck everything

    6. At the top, choose the file listed above, A12-040121.img

    6. If everything is okay, press RESTORE button, and it should start formatting/reflashing.

    7. If you get a green bar when it's done, you're finished, if it's red there's a problem

    8. Tablet should restart, but then needs to be rooted. See the other post about rooting. It uses a different driver. (android composite adb interface)

    If the link doesn't work or it stops working, let me know where/how to upload the image.


    Download : Aishon A12 01/21/2014
  2. Sajad Khan

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    scatter file for a550 plzzzzzzz