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Alcatel Watch goes up for pre-order at $149 with black sport band

Discussion in 'Market Review - Latest Prices & Offers' started by xTreme, Mar 31, 2015.

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    Alcatel's entry into the smarwatch market, very simply called the Alcatel Watch, can be yours today for $149.

    The watch is going on sale direct to consumers from Alcatel's own website, and at launch will be available in just one style — a silver body with a "sporty" black band. Though it has a familiar form factor, the Alcatel Watch actually isn't running Android Wear — it instead has its own operating system with a basic set of functions and apps. That lets Alcatel make a thinner device with longer battery life — quoted at two to five days depending on use — that can work with both Android and iOS devices.

    You'll be able to track fitness, keep up with notifications and run a few simple apps, and Alcatel is positioning the Watch as having a good set of features out of the box without any user customization. It's an interesting idea and the price is certainly right for someone who doesn't want to shell out for a higher-end device, but know that this isn't exactly a direct competitor to higher-end Android Wear devices out there.

    Alcatel says that pre-orders are going to ship within 30 days of ordering, so anyone putting down money on day one will have to wait a little bit to see if this is will be the right affordable smartwatch for them.

    Press release:
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