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SamSung Core Prime SM-G3608 FIX rom

Samsung G3608 G3608Z rom full 4 files, rom has been rebuilt to add Vietnamese and chplay. If anyone has ever flashed other roms that have errors: settings, messages ... have stopped, then this ROM rom will all be ok

Version: G3608ZMU1AQA2 full 4 file
Android: 4.4.4

Once the flash is complete then the recovery wipe the machine is finished

file password protected


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Samung A5108 Fixed Firmware With PlayStore


Available on the latest Android 6.0.1 Rom
Build standard stock Samsung samsung rm * .tar.md5 up through Odin
Eliminate all Korean components and applications
Internationalization, full support of languages (including Vietnamese)
CSC: XXV Vietnam, default Vietnamese
Fix Secret code (* # 06 #, * # 0 * #, ...)
2G / 3G / LTE auto, 2G only, 3G only, LTE only
CSC tweaks:

★ Enable call pin button
★ Allows you to turn the sound off
★ App lock on recents panel
★ Mobile data usage on counter on notification panel
★ Enable camera during call
★ Disabled Auto-correction for the Samsung Keyboard tại mặc định
Fil Fil Fil Fil camera Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Music (if you're playing music)
* Messaging time stamps is it's original time
★ Enable backup / restore messages
★ Enable Call Button in call log list
★ Call / Message blocking settings entry
★ Message 999 recipient limit
★ Exit button in the Samsung internet Browser
★ Vibrate on call answering
★ Extended Smart Manager (2nd page) with: App lock, permission / notification manager & call / message block
★Fix Deesleep
★Samsung Global boot logo
★Timer support for sending messages
★Backup support - do not recover messages from machine memory
★Text messages on 160 are not converted to mms
★Support to turn on - turn off the sound
★Add the "Samsung Music" app internationally
★International weather widget does not have Korean
★Automatically receive SIM contacts
★Displays the amount of network data used on the Status bar
★Supports schedule calendar in the default S Planner
★Most updated system applications
★Complete internationalization, stability, borrowing, etc

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Free For All Members..G950U-G955U-N950U
Global rom for Samsung S8 (G950U), S8+ (G955U) and Note 8 (N950U)

Global rom will have the following features:

  • Muti language
  • No tripping Knox
  • Logo global
  • Support OTA

(Updated 07/04/2018)



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G900T 6.0.1 Full Fixed Rom..

Logo fixed.
Network Modes add.
Auto APN.
Network data option added.
Camera shouter on/off.
Rom Odin flash able.

Dawnload From Here


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Samsung M919 4.4.4 full fixed file..

Arabic+Farci+Turkish languages add.
Logo Samsung fix.
Network modes add.
Auto APN fix.
Sim card contacts read fix.
Link key in the comment..

Dawnload From Here By
Key... !KZfGvkX7WHNJ95U1xGGKqA3_MwFWvDT8d1QiJq1Lnl8
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A8 2016 SM-A810S Android 6.0 2017 | Flash with odin | Free download

| Sphinx V1B Android 6.0 |
Rom Information:-

  • Build On latest Version Of Android 6.0.1
  • Build In Samsung Standard Flash-Able File .Tar.Md5 | Flash-Able Trough Odin | Same As Stock Rom
  • Remove All Korean Application
  • Fix USSD Code Like *#06# And *#0*# ETC
  • Added manual Network Selection 2G/3G Auto, 2G Only , 3G Only, LTE Only
  • Enhance Message Limitation | you can Type Longest SMS Trough hangout | If You Set On Default SMS App
  • Message Not Convert In-to MMS After 160 Word
  • Add Samsung Music International App
  • Fix GPS Locator
  • International Weather Widget
  • Added Network Speed In Status Bar
  • Update All Application On latest Versions

Download Rom:-
Sphinx v1b Galaxy A8 SM-A810S
|Download Here|