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By Lilly on Jun 15, 2017 at 11:35 PM
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    As if the Amazon Dash Buttons weren't cool enough or the fact that you could just tell your Echo to buy things for you, Amazon now has a Dash Wand that lets you tell things you want or scan them before adding them to your cart.

    The Dash Wand is a tiny handheld device with a microphone and a barcode scanner. When you want to purchase any of the household items, say, shampoo, you can just say "shampoo" or a particular brand name into the Dash Wand or use the barcode scanner on it to scan the barcode on the back of your shampoo bottle. Amazon will use that information to add the item to your cart. This lets you conveniently add items that you may be running out of in your house as soon as you notice them instead of waiting for when you may be near your phone or computer and risk forgetting about it entirely. Also, because the Dash Wand has Alexa, you can use it as a mini Amazon Echo as well.

    The Dash Wand runs on two AAA batteries and connects using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which can be configured through the iPhone or Android app. It is magnetic so easily sticks to your fridge and also has a loop so you can hang it in your kitchen. The body is made to withstand messy hands in the kitchen, although it's not exactly water-resistant.

    Amazon says the Dash Wand is essentially free, since for the price of $20 that you pay for the Dash Wand, you also get $20 store credit. You also get a free 90-day trial of AmazonFresh service. Dash Wand is only available in the US for now.

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Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Lilly, Jun 15, 2017.

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