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Android 6.0.1 Released; Includes New Emoji, Security Patches and More!

The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow update comes in the form of the MMB29M build
which is available to download for Nexus devices. Devices for which the
factory images are live at the time of writing are:

Nexus 6P
Nexus 5X
Nexus 6
Nexus 5
Nexus Player
Nexus 9 LTE & Wifi variants
Nexus 7 2013 Wifi & SIM variants

So, what does this update contain? For starters, the newest build adds
support for around 200 Unicode 8 emojis to Android. This brings Android’s
emoji game at par with Apple’s iOS 9.1, much to the rejoice of people who
were frustrated at being sent what appeared at blank boxes on their devices.
Ars Technica created a full gallery of the added emojis, so head on over
there if you want to see all the newest additions.

Apart from the new emoji, the 6.0.1 update improves upon the navigation
bar on tablets. The “back” and “home” buttons have been shifted towards the
left, while the “overview” multitasking button has been moved to the right.
The change makes it easier to hit the buttons with your thumbs when you are
holding the tablet. Also included is the “until next time” option for Do Not
Disturb, a feature that was introduced in Android 5.1 but was missing on
Android 6.0.

Along with all the visual and functionality changes, the MMB29M build also
includes security patches. It bumps up the Security Patch Level of supported
Nexus devices to December 1 2015, meaning that it incorporates all fixes up
till this date. OEM’s should have been informed of this security update one
month prior to public disclosure, so we can expect these making their way
through to other non-Nexus flagship devices, hopefully. For a detailed list of
all CVE’s addressed in this update, please refer the security bulletin page.

Even if you are not overly excited about the new emoji support , the new
update is worth it from a security standpoint as it fixes upon a few issues
which have had a severity status of “Critical”. You can either download the
image and flash it manually, or you can wait for the OTA to hit if you wish to
avoid a data wipe on locked bootloaders.