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Android Lollipop For LG Optimus G E975 And LG F180

Discussion in 'LG - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by M0YAL, Feb 15, 2015.

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    LG Optimus G is one of the best smartphone of it’s time and was very famous among the people. Optimus G is a excellent smartphone with some decent specs.

    LG Optimus G features a 4.7 inches true HD IPS display and a Qualcom 1.5Ghz Quadcore krait processor with 2GB of Ram. It’s other key features include 32GB storage,13mp/8mp camera and LTE connectivity.

    LG always released different models of same phone. Optimus G’s international version is known as E975 and It’s korean version is labelled as F180 s/k/l.

    Now coming back to the topic, today we will guide you to upgrade your e975 and f180 to the latest android 5.0 lollipop. Thanks to [email protected] forums to keep alive this 3 years old device and make it’s users to taste the latest flavor of android. Gyebro releases the unofficial experimental build of CM12 for Lg optimus g e975 and f180 so now without wasting any further time let’s come to the steps which you have to follow.

    Android Lollipop For LG Optimus G E975 And F180:
    • First make sure you have rooted and cwm recovery installed on your e975/f180. If you haven’t any of them, follow this link.
    • Now download the latest build of ROM from here.
    • Download the GApps package from here.
    • Download the SuperSu package from here.
    • Now copy/paste the downloaded zip files to your internal SD.
    • Power off your phone and boot into cwm or twrp recovery.
    • Now wipe data, wipe cache and format system.
    • Now install ROM.zip, Gapps and supersu package one by one.
    • Now reboot your phone.
    • Done. You have now upgraded your e975/f180 to lollipop.
    If you have followed all the steps correctly you should have now running android lollipop on your e975/f180. We would again like to thanks Gyebro for his exceptional efforts to keep e975/f180 alive. It’s our kind request to everyone who install this ROM on their e975/f180, must hit the thanks button at the official thread of this ROM which you can visit here.