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Android UFST V1.0.4.5 Pre-Release For ALL Users (Updated 2016 April 06)

Discussion in 'Saras Products' started by Abraham, Apr 6, 2016.

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    Sony X
    Here is UFST V1.0.4.5 Pre-Release for all users.Other models support will be added one by one.Please post screen shot of phone repaired with Android UFST in this thread.Your opinion & feedback is important to us.

    Link for Software-

    Android UFST User Manual-
    How To Install-

    Copy Android UFST V1.0.4.5 inside
    C:\Program Files\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SarasSoft\UFS\UFS_SAMs

    Android UFST Update History-
    for UFST and UFS Turbo Only.
    More Common Functions Added in [ADB] ToolsTab:
    [Backup MTK] to backup all partitions of MTK based products.
    [Send ADB] to send any Android command from ADB shell.
    More Common Functions Added in [Files] ToolsTab:
    [Support] to access support site.
    More Samsung Models Added:

    More Common Functions Added in [ADB] ToolsTab:
    Deal with Partitions and Files (Write, Wipe, Reset FRP) need Root Rights.
    Non Root [Reset FRP] for LG and Samsung Models.
    More Functions Enabled in [OEM] ToolsTab:
    [Read E2P], [Write E2P] for Samsung Models.
    More LG Models Added:
    AS985, AS990, AS991, AS995, F600K, F600L, F600S, H650, H650AR, H650E, H650K,
    H900, H901BK, H960A, LS740, LS885, LS980, LS990, LS991, LS995, LS996, MS323,
    MS345, MS395, MS631, US990, US991, US995, V935, V935T, VS880, VS990
    More Motorola Models Added:
    XT1002, XT1003, XT1008 (Moto G 1st. Falcon)
    XT1019, XT1021, XT1022, XT1023, XT1025 (Moto E 1st. Condor)
    XT1030 (Droid Mini Obakem)
    XT1049, XT1050, XT1052, XT1053, XT1055, XT1056, XT1058, XT1060 (Moto X Ghost)
    XT1080, XT1080m (Droid Ultra / Maxx Obake)
    XT1085, XT1092, XT1093, XT1094, XT1095, XT1096, XT1097, XT1098 (Moto X 2nd. Victara)
    XT1100, XT1103 (Nexus 6 Shamu)
    XT1115 (Moto X Pro Shamu)
    XT1225, XT1250, XT1254 (Moto Maxx / Droid Turbo Quark)
    XT1505, XT1506, XT1511 (Moto E 2nd. Otus)
    XT1514, XT1521, XT1523, XT1524, XT1526, XT1527, XT1528, XT1529 (Moto E 2nd. Surnia)
    XT1561, XT1562, XT1563, XT1565 (Moto X Play / Droid Maxx 2 Lux)
    XT1572, XT1575 (Moto X Style / Pure Clark)
    XT1580, XT1581, XT1585 (Moto X Force / Droid Turbo 2 Kinzie)
    More Samsung Models Added:
    G9300, G9308, G930A, G930AZ, G930F, G930F-DS, G930K, G930L, G930P, G930R4,
    G930R7, G930S, G930T, G930T1, G930V, G930W8, G930X, G9350, G935A, G935F,
    G935F-DS, G935K, G935L, G935P, G935R4, G935S, G935T, G935V, G935W8, G935X,
    J105M, J105M-DS, J111M, J120A, J320F-DS, J320FN, J320G, J320Y, J320YZ,
    T280, T285, T375L, T375S, T3777, T377V, T677NK, T677NL, T677V
    More Sony Models Added:
    C5502, C5503, M36h, SO-04E (Xperia ZR / A Dogo)
    C6502, C6503, C6506, L35h (Xperia ZL / ZQ Odin)
    D5788, SO-04F (Xperia J1 Compact / A2 Altair)
    SO-04G (Xperia A4 Ajisai)
    SOL22 (Xperia UL Gaga)
    Fastboot protocol 'Data Size Mismatch' Bug fixed.
    Improved LG [Unlock] on some models (MSM8909 SoC, H410)

    Added [OEM Utils] for FastBoot Flashing solution based Devices.
    Added GPT Read using [Read Part.] (type GPT in path Requestor field)
    Can also read any interesting memory part using:
    dev/block/mmcblk0 bs=512 count=N seek=K (standard dd command options)
    or Read any file, by specifying full path e.g.: MyFiles/Myfile.bla

    More LG Models Added:
    F430L, UK410, V400, V410, V411, V490, V496, V497, V700, V700N, VK410, VK700,
    VS980, VS985, VS985W, VS986

    More Samsung Models Added:
    J105B, J105F, J105F-DS, J111F, J320M, J320M-DS

    More LG Models Added:
    H960, H961, H962, H968 (V10)
    LG LAF Models:
    Added [Read Flash] Partitions by GPT (Can Select which ones want to Read)
    Added [Write Flash] of Read Partitions using GPT Option.
    In this way can Backup / Restore Device without Root of Partitions
    which contains some Vital Data: modemst1, modemst2, fsg, misc,..
    Can Select Multiple Files but Cannot Select more than 1 DZ or TOT file.
    Writing of PrimaryGPT and BackupGPT is not Allowed.
    Do not Write BootFiles (sbl1, sbl2, sbl3, tz, rpm, hyp, sdi, aboot) Alone
    if Version Mismatch between them, will Have 'Brick' !

    Some Useful Hints:
    Always Read Hints by Moving Mouse on Control.
    To Download KDZ Files use [Get Imei] or Enter IMEI and then use [Download]
    To Repair 'Numbers' use [Byp.Security] and then [Gen.Settings] in [OEM] ToolsTab.
    If Have Rooted Phone do [Read EFS] before any Security Action or
    Backup Using [Read Flash] with GPT Option Selected if is a 'LAF' Model.
    Do [Read ENVM] in [Diags] ToolsTab.
    If have some Not Realised Phone, do Above Readouts and use [Developer] button
    in [ADB] ToolsTab and send Result Files to Us.