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Apple begins selling refurbished iPhones for up to $100 less

Discussion in 'Apple - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Nov 12, 2016.

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    iPhone 6s
    As you remember, Apple began upgrading the entire iPhone 6S and SE lineup with double the amount of memory for free. So for some of those phones left over with 16GB or 64GB configurations that have been returned or opened, Apple is going to sell them as refurbished devices with a full-year warranty as well.

    The prices are about $100 to $110 cheaper than their sealed-in-the-box counterparts. While the new 32GB iPhone 6S and 6S Plus run for $549 and $649, the refurbished models (though with only 16GB) run for $449 and $529, all respectively. We’d stray away from buying any phone with only 16GB of internal storage, for the simple fact that the iPhone 6S shoots 4K video, which only fits about 34 minutes of footage (before installing any third party apps).


    This is the first time Apple’s online store starts selling refurbished iPhones in the US at some decently discounted prices. The company would rather sell you a refurbished device with the manufacturer’s warranty. Then again, Apple has all these 16GB iPhones they have to somehow put to use.

    All of the refurbished iPhones are tested, cleaned, certified, and guaranteed by the manufacturer for up to one year. You’ll also be happy to find a brand new battery inside, as well as a new housing, ensuring the phone has no cosmetic imperfections. They may as well be brand new devices that were repackaged for this purpose, as many consumer electronics companies do.

    Oh yeah, and if you wanted to score a 64GB iPhone 6S, you’re out of luck.

    iPhone 6S
    16GB - $449 – Save $80

    64GB – Not available refurbished

    iPhone 6S Plus
    16GB - $529 – Save $100

    64GB - $589 – Save $110

    Source: Apple Certified and Refurbished | Via
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