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By Silent Angel on Aug 16, 2015 at 11:43 PM
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    The iOS 8.4.1 is finally here and it packs fixes to numerous issues experienced by users on their iPads, iPods and iPhones, and adds several new features to the operating system as well. The software, Apple claims, also terminates the effects of TaiG's freshly released jailbreak tool.

    That means that those with jailbroken iOS devices who decide to upgrade to iOS 8.4.1 will render TaiG's work unusable. Every single tweak and app users acquired via the jailbreak will no longer be in working order with iOS 8.4.1 on board.

    Those who have been enjoying the perks of having a jailbroken device may want to skip this update. However, as Apple has prepared a lot of fixes for other irksome issues, it is still wise to make the jump.

    But there's good news for loyal jailbreakers. This early, IB Times says that a jailbreak team known as evasi0n recently released evasi0n 8.4.1 jailbreak, an unofficial tethered version that will help users get by in light of Apple's new protection-laden update. The team is reported to be working on an official version as well. Those who are interested to know more can get the details here.

    As for the stabilizing tweaks and improvements, the Apple iOS 8.4.1 also comes with fixes for the Apple music streaming service, which did not come out from Apple's testbeds unscathed and free of bugs and issues. An issue wherein the added music doesn't show up is finally fixed. The iCloud Music Library will no longer crash or fail to launch. Also, the bug that shows the wrong artwork for albums or certain music has also been addressed, and artists can now post to Connect smoothly.
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