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Apple Store employees start training for Apple Watch launch in April

Discussion in 'Apple - What's New?' started by Princess, Feb 8, 2015.

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    According to the latest report, Apple has started training employees at brick and mortar Apple Stores throughout the world as the eagerly awaited wearable gets ready for its April launch. The company is planning on giving hands-on training to some select employees. Since Apple is considering the timepiece is to be part jewelry in addition to being part technology, it needs to be sold in a different manner than other Apple devices, especially the high-end watches.
    As we mentioned last week, Apple is adding a large safe to each Apple Store where the gold versions of the Apple Watch will be stored. The safes will be equipped with Apple's MagSafe chargers so that the watches will be all powered up and ready to be shown to customers the next day.

    The section of the Apple Store that sells the more expensive gold edition of the Apple Watch will probably resemble a jewelry store more than the traditional Apple Store. You might see glass displays and a lot more security. While the Apple Watch Sport will be priced at $349, other models are expected to be priced in the thousands. Back in September, one analyst said that we should expect the 18K gold/sapphire version of the watch to start at $5000! As a result, you might also see a different type of crowd hanging out at the Apple Stores once the timepieces are released.

    Hopefully the training goes smoothly and employees will be able to make shopping for the device a pleasant experience.

    source: 9to5Mac via RedmondPie

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