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Apple Wiki And FAQ [info only]

Discussion in 'Apple - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Jan 25, 2015.

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    What "iOS" Means ?
    Its Stand For Iphone Operating System For More Advanced info IOS
    What "iPSW"?
    iPhone Software there's many Arguments about what this word stand for but What You Need to know that ipsw is Extension For Apple Software Update File
    What "iTunes" Means ?
    iTunes is Official Software by Apple For Syncing music and videos and Photos etc. and it's used for software updates You Can say You Can't Have Apple Device without iTunes
    More info Wiki
    What is "iCloud"?
    iCloud is online Storage Service developed by Apple You Can Backup Your data on The CLOUD online that's why they called it cloud you can access it anytime anywhere
    Official web site iCloud
    On Your Phone You Can Access it (Go to Settings > iCloud and insert Your Apple Account and start syncing )

    What "Jailbreak" Means ?
    It's More Like Getting Root Access for iPhone and Break it's limitations from running Other extension and other applications and All of that Using Cydia
    and in Anytime if You Think Jailbreak or Cydia Causing Problems Simple Restore For Your IOS Device will Delete everything back to factory
    For More info on jailbreaking WIKI
    Jailbroken Phone can Still Use iTunes and Apple Store so nothing will be missing or conflicted with Original software
    Do i Really Need it ?
    For Normal user You Don't unless You Want to Edit Original software (installing new theme , changing fonts ,etc) basically change anything from Original firmware and Not Harm the Phone in any way .
    Is it Legal ?
    in Most Counteries it's Legal and For more info Legal statue
    is it Secured ?
    Please Read here
    Will it Void my Warranty ?
    yes yes yes but As Mentioned Simple Restore Would Reset Phone back to Factory So You Can't go to apple with jailbroken Phone And ask for Help.

    To be Continued ...
    This Thread is made For Apple users Not Gsm or Dev People That's why it's simple
    This Thread will remain opened to give thoughts and ideas and feedback
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