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Apple's new display darling JDI is first to produce an in-cell touch Quad HD panel

Discussion in 'Apple - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 6, 2015.

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    In-cell touch technology is great, as just one look at Apple's iPhone 6 display will tell you. It eschews the need for a dedicated touch layer, embedding the sensors in the display package itself instead, thus allowing for much thinner, more responsive mobile screens with no air gap, which look as if the imagery is just under the cover glass.
    The in-cell touch tech was hard to achieve on higher-res displays, though, at least in mass quantities, until now. Japan's joint-venture of Sony, Hitachi and Toshiba, which makes for the world's largest mobile display maker, announced that it has mastered the mass production of Quad HD displays with in-cell touch technology. This will pave the way for thinner Quad HD phones with prettier displays, and, since JDI uses the frugal LTPS production method, those won't take a toll on your battery any more than a regular panel, too.
    JDI has been rumored to land a $1.7 billion cash injection by Apple for new plants, so we could only be guessing where this mass production might go to.
    Display size (diagonal) Over 5-inch
    Number of pixels 1440(xRGB) x 2560 (WQHD)
    Resolution density Over 500ppi
    LC mode Transmissive IPS
    Viewing angle >160 degrees (with CR>100:1)
    Surface luminance 500cd/m2 (typ.)
    NTSC ratio 85%
    Contrast ratio 1500:1 (typ.)
    source: JDI
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