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Archos 45B NEON - Android 5.0.1- F.R.P. Done!

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Kash Sing, Oct 18, 2016.

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    Mar 28, 2016
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    1. Open Cm2spd v1.21 tool
    2. Set CPU "SC7730 SC7731 EMMC Android5.x"
    3. Set "Alternative LDR Mode"
    4. Go to "Service" Tab, and pick in "CLEAR FRP"
    5. The battery is unremovable in this phone, only shut down phone,
    press vol-+ and connect usb cable:

    Operation : Format File System / Reset Settings [ v1.21 ]
    Settings : SmartFormat is On

    1. Remove battery. Insert battery back
    2. Press and hold 'VolumeUp' and 'VolumeDown' keys
    3. Insert cable

    ==== Wait for phone...

    Phone found! [ 357 ]
    Port Opened
    InitBoot Done [ 0x81 ] , Ver : SPRD3
    Sending FDL
    [Info] : If SW freeze here more, than 15 seconds - remove cable
    FDL Ready!
    Boot Ver : SPRD 773x eMMC loader v4 Infinity
    Sending FLASH FDL
    FLASH FDL Ready!
    Boot Ok!

    FlashMode Set : Ok!
    Checking Structure ...
    Detected eMMC Flash , Structure detect Ok!

    eMMC phone detected! Will use 'Safe Format' mode!

    Mount : /data
    Size : 0x000000014A7F7000
    State : 0x0001

    Mount : /cache
    Size : 0x0000000009600000
    State : 0x0001

    Prepare Ok! Format Ok!
    Don't touch phone, until it fully bootup to "Welcome Screen"!

    Android 5.x : Reset FRP Lock
    Reset Ok!


    Elapsed: 00:00:20

    Reconnect Power/Cable!