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At least six Microsoft Lumias in the works, one with front flash?

Discussion in 'Microsoft - What's New?' started by Princess, Jul 11, 2015.

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    Prominent leakster Evan Blass, who goes by the twitter name @evleaks, has some information on future Windows Phone devices, but has apparently chosen to go the teasing route. A few days ago he posted a question if there's been a Windows Phone with a front flash yet, to which he's gotten less than positive response.

    Building up on that topic, the latest revelation is that there are at least 6 handsets in development, and we presume they are Microsoft Lumia-branded devices. And then by deduction, one of those should supposedly sport a front-facing flash.
    Now, you can tell that we're grasping at straws here, but Microsoft's lineup is long due for an update, particularly in the upper midrange and high end segments, where the Nokia Lumia 1020 is collecting dust, and the Lumia 930 was already a step behind the competition when it launched a year ago.

    It's unlikely that the Lumia 1030 will be the one with the front flash though, if the leaked front panel from a while ago is the real deal, as it doesn't have the necessary cutout. Judging by the alleged three LEDs on the back of the future Lumia 940, we won't be surprised to see a fourth one on the front.

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