Best new Android and iPhone apps of the week (February 15th - 22nd)


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Jan 24, 2015
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Another week, another heap of apps on the iOS and Android stores. Interested what's new, but can't get yourself to pick through all the new offerings? Fear not – we combed through them for you and ended up with a bunch of different apps for both platforms.

In case you are just tuning in, this article is part of a new column – we will be eyeing the new apps that come out weekly, and update you on anything worth checking out every Monday. If you missed last week's pick – it's here. We're also doing it for games in a separate column – here's this week's pick.

So, without further ado, let's check out some interesting apps that came out this week, 02.15.2015 – 02.22.2015, on the App Store and Play Store.

"Do..." apps by IFTTT
IFTTT specializes in "script" apps, if we could call them so (IFTTT calls it "recipes"). The idea is that a single tap can be programmed to do a few different actions. For example, Do Camera can be set to instantly share the photos you take to select social medias / email. Do Note can save your note to Evernote and/or post it on a social media of choice as soon as you save the note. Do Button can be programmed to control your smarthome appliances (set thermostat, lights, etc.) with just the push of a big onscreen button.

IFTT's first app – IF – is also worth checking out – it executes automatic scripts, such as controlling your smarthome appliances automatically, based on your location (turn lights on as you approach), can send you text notifications about a forthcoming weather change, or post for you on all your social medias, if you only post on facebook.

Photo Transfer

Photo Transfer is yet another photo sharing app. It does its thing over direct Wi-Fi, and can not only transfer apps between phones, but between a phone and PC, via a proprietary, free software. It's pretty intuitive, drag-and-drop based, so if you are one who moves pictures around often – keep this one in mind.

Gallery Doctor – Phone Cleaner
Remember you were planning to comb through your pictures and finally delete some of those blurry, dark, or just repetitive shots? You haven't gotten around to it yet, have you? No worries, neither have most of us. Gallery Doctor by Flayvr Media Ltd. is here to help – the app analyzes photos and suggests the ones that it deems unworthy for your phone's sacred storage space. Don't worry, it won't auto-delete anything – for images that it's not sure about – it will present them in the form of a card stack, where swiping right on a card saves the photo, while a swipe to the left deletes it (Tinder-esque); this process has auto-learning, which will try to better guess your preferences next time around. As far as images that the app is sure about – it will show them to you in a list of thumbnais, allowing you to "check" the unneeded ones and delete them all in one tap.


There are so many cloud services today, it could get mind-boggling – Box, Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, iCloud, et cetera and so forth. It is very probable that you have accounts for at least two such services, and it can sometimes get confusing, when trying to remember which files you stored where. Well, Cloudz is an interesting solution – it acts as a hub for all your cloud service accounts, combining their storage in one large bulk, and easing your file-storing woes. Pretty neat!

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