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Best New Android And Iphone Games (mid February 2016)

Discussion in 'Android Apps and Games' started by Alexa, Feb 11, 2016.

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    February has started with a new batch of Android and iPhone games that have just freshly launched on the app stores, and we pick the very best of them.

    #1: Dreii

    Price: $3.99
    Genre: Puzzle
    Download on Android | iOS
    Dreii - Android Apps on Google Play
    Dreii on the App Store

    #2: Adventures of Mana

    Price: $13.99
    Genre: jRPG
    Download on Android | iOS
    Adventures of Mana - Android Apps on Google Play
    Adventures of Mana on the App Store

    #3: All is Lost

    Price: Free
    Genre: Runner
    Download on iOS
    All is Lost on the App Store

    #4: Ultimate Briefcase

    Price: Free
    Genre: Casual
    Download on Android | iOS
    Ultimate Briefcase - Android Apps on Google Play
    Ultimate Briefcase on the App Store

    #5: Splash Cars

    Price: Free
    Genre: Arcade Racing
    Download on Android | iOS
    Splash Cars - Android Apps on Google Play
    Splash Cars on the App Store

    #6: Captain Cowboy

    Price: $2.99
    Genre: Puzzle adventure
    Download on Android | iOS
    Captain Cowboy - Android Apps on Google Play
    Captain Cowboy on the App Store