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Calendar and clock icons highlight new TouchWiz

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Silent Angel, Mar 11, 2015.

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    Samsung’s made some changes to TouchWiz in its new devices, one being the removal of a lot of Samsung apps that, in the past, were pre-loaded onto all of the company’s Galaxy smartphones. Tech analysts, critics, and consumers rallied for TouchWiz’s makeover – and here we are.

    Tech site Phandroid has uncovered two subtle transformations to Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz UI on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. If you’re a current Samsung customer, you can look at your device’s TouchWiz UI and see an inanimate clock and a calendar that has the number “31” plastered on it for all eternity. Part of Samsung’s new TouchWiz UI involves animations in both the calendar and clock icons. The calendar icon will no longer bear the number “31” all 31 days of the month, for example, but will change numbers according to the date. If it’s the 10th day of the month, for example, the calendar icon will now bear the number “10.”

    As for the clock, Samsung’s new TouchWiz clock will also display the current time via traditional watch hands, but adjust the watch hands with each passing minute. If it’s 10:30AM in your part of the world, for example, the clock will now have a short hand at the “10” and a long hand at the “6” (for 30 minutes past 10AM).

    We know that Apple fans and diehard tech enthusiasts who love the fruit company will turn and say, “See, another feature Samsung copied from Apple!,” but we also know that this feature didn’t always exist on Apple devices, either. It was just in iOS 7 that Apple introduced live clock animations.

    It’s nice to see some examples of subtle changes made to TouchWiz, and we’re confident that TouchWiz’s recent changes will be well received by the Samsung faithful.

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