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Catch the Acer press conference live here

Discussion in 'Acer - What's New?' started by NiceLys, Sep 3, 2015.

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    Technically #IFA 2015 hasn't exactly started quite yet, but a few eager participants just can't wait any longer. #Acer has set its conference for today at 11:00 AM Berlin local time (GMT + 2). This is now mere minutes away and we are on site, ready to keep you updated on any exciting news.

    You can also follow the presentation live right here, thanks to Acer, which was kind enough to stream the whole thing.

    So what can we expect from Acer? Well, the Taiwanese OEM has been extra secretive this year. However, we have heard a few rumors. One talks of a pair of new Liquid devices, the Z630 and Z530. Both have already popped up online with specs and pictures and look to be mid-level android offers. You can check the details in our previous news.

    There have also been bolder speculations about Acer's IFA announcements. The company will allegedly introduce another four smartphones at the venue, all of which running Windows 10. Microsoft's mobile OS is still some time away from a proper release, so any new development in this respect can definitely stir excitement.


    Last, but not least, Acer's PREDATOR gaming series should see new additions – most probably a laptop and a desktop PC. That is about as much as we currently know, so stick around for the whole scoop later today.
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