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CES 2015: Samsung Galaxy A5, Avengers movie props hands-on

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Princess, Feb 7, 2015.

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    Samsung's press conference at CES didn't feature any new mobile phones or tablets. The Korean manufacturer focused on its innovative SUHD TV, portable SSD drive and Milk Music. It highlighted the smartphone and tablets sales, but there were no new devices to share the spotlight with the new TV.

    The awaited Samsung Galaxy S6 didn't make it to CES, so we'll be seeing it later on MWC or shortly after.


    The recently released Samsung Galaxy A5 was at Samsung's booth at CES though, so we seized the opportunity to take a closer look at the thin and metal-clad Galaxy A5. It's a mid-range device with premium build and nice screen plus quite a capable camera so it's shaping up to be quite a something.


    One day later, Samsung introduced some very interesting tech at the Samsung's "Night with Marvel" event. Unfortunately, most of the new devices are exclusive to the Avengers team only, but at least we got a nice glimpse of what Tony Stark and co are going to use in their fight for saving the world.

    So, without further ado, we are ready to share with you our impressions of Samsung's gadgets showcased at CES 2015.

    Samsung Galaxy A5 hands-on

    Samsung Galaxy A5 looks the same as the compact Galaxy A3 and both share the design language behind the Galaxy Alpha. The entire Galaxy A lineup is built around a metal frame, thin profile and Super AMOLED screens.

    The Galaxy A5, just like the rest, features the stylish metal chassis with tapered shiny edges. It's got a beautiful Super AMOLED screen, 5" big with a resolution of 720p. Currently, this is the biggest display in the A series, though the rumors suggest the upcoming Galaxy A7 will be a phablet with a 5.5" big screen.

    9d8830c15237299e29c100b0eb20dc84.jpg 73c0d9c77499e6fd5ed9d3c2b390f491.jpg bcb7fdd8f8a3f8146fd81f4ed9aa1901.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy A5 in Pearl White

    The Galaxy A5 is really thin at 6.7mm and weighs just 123g. Yet it feels great in hand providing strong grip thanks to its matte rear plastic cover and those tapered edges completing the sides.

    108e623e29731d8b47ce6d1d5b87c4e6.jpg 5cd07e0a592668b1503f0069a63e3168.jpg

    The front of the Galaxy A5

    There isn't a heart-rate monitor on the back either - it's just the 13MP ISOCELL camera sensor, the LED flash and the loudspeaker grille.

    Samsung Avengers tech hands-on

    Samsung has been rather lacking in mobile tech announcement at this year's CES with only a few devices premiering (Galaxy E7, E5, A5 and A3) and technically not as part of the press conference itself. This however does not mean that the Korean tech giant went over to Las Vegas empty handed.

    A few interesting TVs along with a new SUHD technology graced the podium at their press conference along with an array of Kitchen appliances, audio equipment and even smart vacuum cleaners.

    But sadly, that has little to nothing to do with mobile tech, which we were really hoping to see. Walking by the Samsung booth, however a rather peculiar showcase caught our attention and it definitely falls more in the realms of our interest.

    It appears that Samsung was responsible for the tech props used in the recent Avengers movie and the giant did not miss to showcase them.

    First on the list is smartwatch with a 1.9 inch curved display very reminiscent of the Samsung Gear S. It looks very slick with what appears to be a metal finish and a nicely shaped strap. Frankly, it is kind of a beautifully re-imagined version of the recent Samsung wearable.

    It looks a lot more premium in terms of materials and the lack of a button on the front makes the whole thing flush, but the large Samsung logo kind of gives away its true marketing agenda.

    892aae0e73f1f1dd849bb4ab5ab01daf.jpg 4878993dceecea953ce896a03fff48ba.jpg 11995dced4d2bdc0404d02fb0cf949ad.jpg

    Avengers smartwatch reminds a lot of the Gear S

    Second on the list are two futuristic-looking earpieces, complete with large curved displays. Both appear very high-tech, but kind of over the top, especially the golden one. Again the company logo is front stage center, but again that is to be expected.

    Finally, we see perhaps the most intriguing item of the bunch - Tony Stark's own device, dubbed simply - "Smartphone". It looks out of this world with a large 6.9 inch transparent part, which is identified as a transparent display and a wider solid bottom part that should supposedly hold the rest of the hardware. It is also complete with its own 3.65-inch curved display, covering it edge to edge and a nice silver strip tying the whole design together.

    It is truly the stuff of dreams, especially after taking into account all it has done for Tony, aiding him to defend the World.

    8fc844301de84ae667a253d02d9735d8.jpg 94f0fc47adcf422303ca397f16fcfb2d.jpg 521fef841742c1973d9ce7f3663aa63e.jpg

    The Avengers display is a nice little marketing touch that is sure to appeal to tech geeks and Avenger fans alike.

    Interestingly enough, the curved displays on the separate pieces do look very real under closer examination.

    Although it is extremely unlikely that any of the device actually work, the panels themselves might just be the real deal, making the exhibition all that cooler.

    When you think about it, the tech to power these futuristic gadgets is all pretty much a reality, even the large transparent smartphone display, which is an exciting thought, to say the least. But until anything similar makes its way to consumer devices, we can only marvel at exquisitely crafted models like the ones brought by Samsung to CES 2015.
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