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Check out the Samsung Galaxy S6 camera samples

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 1, 2015.

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    Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge duo is now official and you can learn everything there is to know from our news coverage and extensive hands-on impressions.

    Both Galaxy S6 smartphones use 16MP rear cameras with F/1.9 aperture and bright LED flash. Both devices also pack a front 5MP snapper with the same F/1.9 lens, which means better results in low-light conditions.

    We are sure many of you are eager to check the performance of both snappers and now we can help you with that.

    Here are the official camera samples taken with the rear camera of the Galaxy S6.

    423430351b98752b6e4143750743a5ef.jpg 1e367388d0449af5ccbed63b233a7a3a.jpg 5f5e1c7d23d27888bec2f0a6dfe899b2.jpg 353648ee7997627494dd85a0c0a24309.jpg 4717bbda4cbb18aff1cacd5b205c1ec3.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy S6 16MP official samples

    And here are some official shots taken with the front 5MP snapper.

    e23190483e50d6c8bf12e25e569b785c.jpg 8084524e690a510eb5f4170a93c17e15.jpg 23c4ad56d2de8518d9239fb4921cab57.jpg

    Front camera samples from the Galaxy S6

    We also took some samples inside the venue:

    2d679fce93ec05a497765530f6711946.jpg eed006e11c566f2d035dbcfa0d423b65.jpg
    cfc08e3e0d503cac6ed4d5865c0fc153.jpg e845d39ec8d2bfcddae6212d34c37a3f.jpg

    Our camera samples with the 16MP Galaxy S6 rear camera
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