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Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.38

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Nadeem Waris, Dec 1, 2015.

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    May 16, 2015
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    === v1.38 ===
    DataProtection Unlock and more

    MTK SP Platform
    - Flash Engine Revised
    Improved booting
    Improved HW verification
    "Skip HW verification" option enabled
    [Info]: Even disabled option still check BaseBand ID to avoid cross-flash!

    - New Features supported:
    MTK Android 5.x "Data Protection" unlock read/recover - WorldFirst!
    Allow read patternlock, which enable hidden "encrypted" gallery menu
    [Info]: DataProtection: It is ecnrypted storage, where can be placed photos,pictures,videos and documents
    [Info]: All data inside is encrypted and hidden from normal gallery access!
    [Info]: After enter code you will be able to view,decrypt and extract that files
    [Info]: "Reset UserLocks" NOT touch that lock! Because of previous reasons.

    - UserData operations improved
    Revised whole DataDirect engine: PhoneBook, PatternLock, Gallery, SmartAV, UserCodes Reset etc.
    64+ GiB UserData storage support enabled!
    Support for some "non-standard" FileSystem types
    Improved PhoneBook extraction from Android 5.x
    Improved Gallery extraction

    - SP Unlock revised
    Improved new/old/custom security type detection
    Improved "Direct Unlock" operation

    - Factory Firmware Reading improved
    AGOLD type support under test
    Android 5.x specific improvements
    Brand-specific improvements
    Some new NAND types supported (DP, AGOLD)
    Some other improvements and bugfixes

    - SmartAV engine improved
    Data accuracy level improved
    Engine revised, more types supported

    - Service operations improved
    Improved "Security Repair" for some models

    - Other
    "Oppo" and few other customized preloader drivers supported
    FlashLoaders updated and revised
    Some improvements and bugfixes at all
    "Requested" button enabled