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Chinese Miracle-2 Mtk/mediatek V1.41 - New Way Mtk Servicing - Unlock/security Etc

Discussion in 'Infinity Products' started by Abraham, Feb 16, 2016.

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    Infinity Chinese Miracle-2 MTK/Mediatek v1.41 - New way MTK Servicing - Unlock/Security/Repair/Smart-AV/Service/UserData and more

    - Main
    Core completely revised
    Improved all sub systems: Flash Engine, Read/Write and rest operations
    SecureBoot Support revised
    Support for MT6582 with GPT - under test
    Dead/Erased flashing for MT6795 and MT6580 revised
    BromInit fixed - Qmobile and some devices with "Init Not Done" problem
    Initial boot procedure revised and improved
    Latest FlashLoader package supported (v1552)
    MT6573 support revised (moved on new loader)
    Some other changes and improvements

    - Service operations improved
    "Read Security Info" option released. Allow read and check Security info (Identify) for NAND/eMMC
    - Read phone IMEIs, BTMAC and WIFIMAC
    - Detect "OTP" protected phones (like Alcatel and same)
    Unique feature: "Read Full Info" option now allow read FULL NAND Info!
    - Allow read full phone info - mode, version, build etc.
    "HW Test" feature improved: MT6575/MT6577 specific improvements
    Alcatel "ProInfo" operations improved
    Alcatel "Repair FS" feature released
    - Allow repair "stuck" problems after full erase/reflash
    NVRAM operations revised - Normal and Secured mode
    "Create BPLGUI" feature create MODEM CONFIG file (Maui Meta modem configuration) from ALL MTK Android eMMC phones*
    *Some models, like Alcatel and few more, not support that feature!
    Security Repair revised in all modes
    OTP phones detection enabled during security repair - SW will warn about OTP type if OTP is enabled
    "Format FS" option revised for Secured Phones
    Unique feature: "Format FS" now rebuild and erase partitions, depend on their types
    Unique feature: "Fix Unknow BaseBand" now NOT touch UserData on new (67xx concept) phones!

    - Secured phones supported features
    "Format FS" operation revised
    Flash Read-Write (Dump Mode) Revised
    Unique feature: "Fix DL operation" supported
    "Security Repair" operations supported
    Unique feature: "Reset UserLocks" operation supported
    "SmartAV" and "AppManager" operations supported
    Repair and test features supported
    Unique feature: Forensic operations supported - PhoneBook, PatternLock, UserData

    - Smart AV operations revised
    "Smart AV" engine updated
    "AppScanner" updated (Dictionary DB also update 1000+ types)

    FastBoot mode operations released:
    FastBoot layer supported for MTK phones (fastboot.exe is not used)
    - Info - Show BootLoader state: locked/not locked, warranty and security state, HW type, SEC_BOOT state
    - Unlock BootLoader - Warning! It will erase UserData!
    - ReLock BootLoader

    - Unlock operations improved
    SP Unlock procedure completely revised
    Dual Sim phones support improved - Read Correct code / Direct Unlock for BOTH SIM
    67xx specifix improvements
    Secured Phones support improved
    Some other fixes and improvements

    - FW Read Engine Revised
    Improved AutoDetection
    Brand-Specific improvements
    New types supported (30+ types)
    MT6575/MT6577 FW reader moved on "new Direct mode" - up to 3x faster reading
    MT8127/MT8163 [NAND] Factory FW reading improved

    - FW Read Extra features:
    Unique feature: For NAND now read phone info also, save firmware now like as eMMC - CPU, Vendor, Model, Version, Info
    Latest MT6582 (A5/A6 GPT) Factory FW reading should work now

    Additional Read features ("Read Additional Files"):
    >Create MAUI Meta Modem configarution file (BPLGUI file) eMMC Only
    >Create Android-Info.txt file with all Phone Information stored
    Stored Info:
    PhoneInfo - Model, Version, Brand, Build version etc. for NAND and eMMC
    HW Info - LCD, Touch, Modem version etc. (if exists) eMMC Only
    BL Info - Compatible IDs of Flash Memory etc. for NAND and eMMC
    >Create NVRAM backup during FW read for NAND and eMMC

    UserData and Cache reading revised:
    Unique feature: SW now build filesystem itself
    This give following benefits:
    Allow Read FW from "Encrypted" phones without wipe!
    No more "Bad ExtData" problems!
    Allow ignore any FileSystem problems!
    Now FW is completely as factory one!

    - Repair ExtData way changed
    Now CM2 create and flash all filesystems
    Allow recovery damaged phones, which cant be fixed with old method - some Alcatel and others
    Alcatel Specific repair options can be found in "Extra->Alcatel"

    - DataDirect Engine revised
    More faster and accurate
    Fixed some types support

    - UserData operations improved
    DataDirect Engine revised
    Improved PhoneBook Extraction
    Improved Gallery Extraction
    Secure Platforms supported for PhoneBook and UserData extraction!

    - New / Revised models supported
    HTC 310, HTC 310w, HTC 320, HTC 526G:
    Read/Write Flash - Dump
    SP Unlock - Direct
    NVRAM and Security operations
    Forensic - PhoneBook, PatternLock, UserData
    PatternLock and reset UserLocks
    Smart AV, AppManager
    Init Preloader
    Format FS / Reset Settings
    Fix DL
    Repair Security
    Other service and repair features

    - Other
    Show Full Phone info on ScatterFile selection
    DRAM init revised - 50+ new FlashIc supported
    DRAM init supported for MT6795 and MT6580
    Model list revised, left only Generic, Unlock and Specific models (rest work now in generic or unlock mode)
    "Huawei Secured" phones support removed (old and outdated)
    Many other different changes and improvements

    Download link #1

    Download link #2

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    New method to download firmware files from support area - Flash Files Torrent system

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