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Chrome for Android beta testing bottom URL bar

Discussion in 'Mobile Apps & Developers News' started by Alexa, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Chrome for Android is about to get much easier to use with one hand. Google is currently beta-testing moving the URL bar and controls from the top to the bottom in the developer-centric Chrome Dev for Android and Canary.

    The feature is a no-brainer - it puts all of Chrome for Android's controls at the bottom, near your thumb if you're holding the phone in your right hand. Safari for iOS has its controls at the bottom while Internet Explorer mobile has always been ahead of its time with a bottom-placed URL.


    The new control scheme is pretty much still in its infancy as there's a blank bar on the top where the URL bar used to be. You can still have a go at the feature if you download Chrome Dev and enabling the Chrome Home flag by entering this command in the URL bar - chrome://flags/#enable-chrome-home.

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