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Cop’s life saved by his Galaxy Note 2, Samsung gives him a free Galaxy S6

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 7, 2015.

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    According to a report out of Thailand a cop’s life was saved by the Galaxy Note 2 he was carrying at the left side of his waist. Pol Maj Gen Sophon Thonglorm of the Mae Rim police station in Chiang Mai was shot at by a suspect earlier this week and the bullet hit his Galaxy Note 2. The bullet did pierce the phone but the impact with the Galaxy Note 2 slowed down its velocity so much that the injury to Sophon was not life threatening. On the other hand the phone became unusable as a result of quite literally taking a bullet.

    His story quickly went viral on Facebook and other social networks widely used in Thailand. Sophon’s friends shared the story, saying he had been saved by “Luangpor Samsung,” the term “Luangpor” is associated with sacred amulets. This ultimately caught Samsung Thailand’s attention and they offered Sophon the Galaxy S6, the company’s latest flagship smartphone, apart from travelling expenses for him to go down to Bangkok to pick up the new device.

    Sophon has accepted Samsung’s offer and will go to Bangkok to get it. “I am happy that Samsung will give me a new phone,” he said.

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