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Cricket is selling the Samsung Galaxy S7 for just $324.99

Discussion in 'Market Review - Latest Prices & Offers' started by Alaina, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Galaxy S7 Edge
    Earlier today we told you about some very good prices for the dual-SIM versions of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge, but now it's time for an even better deal on the former, since it's Cyber Monday after all.


    Cricket is currently selling the Galaxy S7 for just $324.99 for new lines. That's 50% off the usual price. You do have to activate a smartphone plan with the AT&T-owned prepaid carrier, but there is no annual contract to sign. The offer is valid if you bring your number to Cricket, open a new account at the carrier, or add a line to an existing account. If you have one line already at Cricket and want to upgrade that, you unfortunately won't get this price.

    The final caveat has to do with availability - it's a "while supplies last" type of thing, this, and it will be out only today and tomorrow. So you'd better act fast if you want to nab a half-price Galaxy S7 and don't mind doing so from Cricket (with the smartphone plan activation and all that).

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