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Dead Alcatel Phone ? Want it back to stock ? Read this first !!!

Discussion in 'Alcatel - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Alexa, Feb 22, 2015.

  1. Alexa

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    Hello all,

    in order to keep this section clean, this is the starting point that will (in most cases),
    fix your problem, and stop repeatedly asked question, like :

    - How to reset my blocked counter ?
    - I have a dead phone/tablet, what to do first ?
    - My phone doesn't power on, what to do ?
    - Please, I need firmware for OT-XXXX Model !

    Now, for beginning, some explanation :
    Alcatel (TCL) already thought about many user problems that can arise,
    like screwed android system (ROM), dead phones, etc,
    and gave a solution for fixing most common errors, mentioned above,
    called ONE TOUCH UPGRADE a.k.a. O.T.U.

    All you need to do is check your model, sometimes you can use model written on sticker,
    like ot-985, or M'Pop (ot-5020) etc. (If it's branded model like IDEA Aurus - it's ot-985N),
    and download corresponding One Touch Upgrade tool, via "googling" for that model,
    or via search on official (or country-dependant) Alcatel site - EXAMPLE for OT-985

    Now, after you downloaded and installed OTU, charge your battery,
    use classic micro-usb cable and revive your phone, by following what OTU says.

    OTU will install drivers, and after you plug your powered off phone,
    it will found new hardware (Virtual USB COM Port), so it may give error at first try,
    just simply repeat process, it will do it's job, and (hopefully), bring it back to life.

    Some nice things that OTU will do for you : (all of them at once)

    - It WILL bring your phone back to life (if software problem)
    - It WILL FULLY RESET ALL User Data !!!
    - It WILL Return Phone to Stock state, in case you used custom rom.
    - It WILL Remove User/PIN/Google/Pattern Lock
    - It WILL reset unlock codes counter (too many tries)

    I hope all is clear now, regarding this case.
    Posts containing mentioned requests for ROM's can be posted just and ONLY
    in case you have ALREADY tried things from this post,
    else it will be deleted / moved to trash.

    This thread will also contain successful done phones via this method, to eliminate
    the forum space / confusion.

    wish you luck with dead phones,