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Developer creates a way to downgrade the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s to iOS 6.1.3

Discussion in 'Apple - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by M0YAL, Jul 29, 2015.

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    iPhone 6s
    Feeling nostalgic? Own an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4s? Then you have the opportunity to travel back down memory lane and downgrade your device from any firmware back to iOS 6.1.3—no SHSH blobs required.

    Entitled odysseusOTA, the command line tool takes advantage of the fact that Apple is still signing the OTA (over the air) firmwares for iOS 6.1.3 on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s. Want to see the downgrade in action? Then watch this detailed step-by-step video

    The downgrade method is the work of developer tihmstar, with additional credit going to winocm (kloader),xerub (odysseus), and iH8sn0w (consulting) among others.

    Obviously this downgrade method will have extremely limited use-case scenarios, as it is strictly limited to the aforementioned firmware/hardware combos. Nonetheless, it is an impressive (no SHSH blobs needed!) feat, when you consider how difficult Apple makes it to downgrade firmware these days.

    What do you think? Do you have an old iPhone 4s or iPad 2 laying around? Would you consider trying odysseusOTA?
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