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Egypt gets first Tizen smartphone early next year

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Aug 4, 2015.

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    Tizen OS is already powering various Samsung products but so far the company has not been aggressively pushing it in the mobile arena, it has only released a couple of handsets and that too in very few markets. It’s expected that the upcoming Samsung Z3 is going to make it to Europe and North America but we’ll have to wait and see whether that happens or not. There is word though that Tizen smartphones will be coming to a whole new market by next year.

    Speaking at a press conference called for the release of the Galaxy Tab S2 IT and Mobile Product Manager for Samsung Egypt Raafat Khalil said that the first Tizen smartphone will be released in Egypt early next year. Khalil didn’t go into much detail about the device itself so it’s unclear at this point in time whether Egypt will get the Samsung Z1 or if it will be among the markets which receive the Samsung Z3. We’ve reported exclusively that the Z3′s launch markets include India, Bangladesh and Nepal so perhaps it may be released in Egypt some time after the initial launch.