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Facebook search for old Posts

Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by Silent Angel, Mar 30, 2015.

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    How to search for old posts on Facebook

    You can now search for old posts that have been shared with you on Facebook PC and iPhone. Start by searching for words or people you remember from the post in Facebook standard search form. If you need some ideas, you can try some of these searches:

    • Awesome movie Lisa
    • James epic vacation
    • Funny graduation dance
    Keep in mind search results respect your privacy settings, whether it’s info you’ve shared or posts with tags of you that others have shared.

    As you begin typing in the search bar, Graph Search results will still auto-populate below it. The basic post search option being placed at the very bottom of the list. An easy way to identify a suggestion as being a post search is by the magnifying glasslocated next to the text. Click on the bottom magnifying glass.

    By tapping on the query or the search key you’ll be taken to a new screen returning any and all posts Facebook deems relevant.

    Also new Menu bar appears with next possibilities : Posts, People, Photos, Pages, Places, More..

    Works for PC users and iPhone users(where new magnifying glass appear with text:”New:Search for Posts” appear to proceed searching).

    Android users must wait a little.