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Fake Evasi0n iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak released: Do not download

Discussion in 'Apple - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Silent Angel, Aug 15, 2015.

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    UPDATE: The Evasi0n iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak has been confirmed to be fake. Avid jailbreakers are advised not to download the file and wait for members of the Evasi0n Dream Team to release the official version of the jailbreak.

    Original Story

    Apple has just released its newest iteration of iOS firmware, the iOS 8.4.1, with numerous bug-fixes and performance improvements along with the latest patch for iOS 8.4 jailbreaks (TaiG and PP).

    With TaiG and PP jailbreaks getting patched up in iOS 8.4.1, the jailbreak community is forced to downgrade their OS back to iOS 8.4.

    However, some veteran jailbreakers have released an unofficial version of the Evasi0n 8.4.1 jailbreak to fill the void until the Evasi0n team comes out with the official untethered version of the same.

    Interested users can go ahead and install the Evasi0n 8.4.1 jailbreak on their device, using the step-by-step guide provided below.

    IBTimes UK reminds readers that it will not be held liable for any damage to device during or after the jailbreak installation. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.

    Evasi0n 8.4.1 jailbreak: Device compatibility

    Here is the complete list of iOS devices supported by Evasi0n 8.4.1 jailbreak:

    iPhone: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s

    iPad: iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4

    iPod Touch: iPod Touch 5g, iPod Touch 6g

    iOS 8.4.1 direct download links


    iPhone 6
    iPhone 6 Plus
    iPhone 5s (GSM)
    iPhone 5s (CDMA)
    iPhone 5c (GSM)
    iPhone 5c (CDMA)
    iPhone 5 (GSM)
    iPhone 5 (CDMA)
    iPhone 4s


    iPad Air 2 (WiFi)
    iPad Air 2 (Cellular)
    iPad mini 3 (WiFi)
    iPad mini 3 (Cellular)
    iPad mini 3 (China Model)
    iPad Air (WiFi)
    iPad Air (Cellular)
    iPad Air (CDMA)
    iPad mini 2 (WiFi)
    iPad mini 2 (Cellular)
    iPad mini 2 (CDMA)
    iPad 4 (WiFi)
    iPad 4 (Cellular)
    iPad 4 (CDMA)
    iPad mini (WiFi)
    iPad mini (Cellular)
    iPad mini (CDMA)
    iPad 3 (WiFi)
    iPad 3 (Cellular)
    iPad 3 (CDMA)
    iPad 2 (WiFi)
    iPad 2 (Cellular)
    iPad 2 (CDMA)
    iPad 2 (Rev A Model)

    iPod Touch

    iPod touch (5th generation)
    iPod touch (6th generation)


    • A computer running Windows XP or Mac OS X 10.7
    • Latest version of iTunes (v12.2.2) for Windows or Mac must be installed
    • An iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 8.4 through iOS 8.4.1
    • An USB cable to connect iOS device to your computer
    • Back up important data and settings on your iOS device before you proceed
    Steps to perform Evasi0n iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

    Step 1: Restore your iOS device to a fresh version of iOS 8.4.1 via iTunes as follows:

    • Connect your iOS device to computer via original USB cable
    • Select your iPhone, iPad or iPod when it gets detected in iTunes
    • Go to Summary panel, hold down the SHIFT key (Alt or Option for Mac) and click Restore button
    • Browse and select the IPSW firmware file specific for your device (use direct download links above)
    • Let iTunes proceed with the restoration process for the custom IPSW file on your iDevice. After the restore completes, your iOS device should reboot automatically.
    Step 2: Download Evasi0n tool for iOS 8.4.1

    Step 3: Connect your iDevice to computer via USB cable (if not already connected)

    Step 4: Launch Evasi0n 8.4.1 tool and wait until it auto-detects your device

    Step 5: Click the Jailbreak button

    Step 6: Allow the Evasi0n 8.4.1 tool to do its task and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the jailbreak process on your iOS device

    [Source: iOS Jailbreak]
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