Falcon Box Htc v1.4 - Frp, Sprint, Mtk

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Falcon Box
Next Generation Mobile Tool
Htc V1.4 (26th May 2017)

Thanks for Using Miracle Team Product “Falcon Box & Falcon Miracle Key Edition”
To make the Better Mobile Repair Solution for you, We bring to the Updates regularly.
Every Update of our software include improvements for new functions and better service
and reliability.

Miracle Falcon Htc Module V1.4 Highlights


Htc Sprint Read Msl/Spc Over Adb
- Enable Usb Debug, Goto Basic Tab

Htc Enable Dm Port
- Enable Usb Debug, Goto Basic Tab

Htc Frp Remover Universal Method
- Enable Usb Debug, Goto Userlock Tool

Updated Htc Mtk Flasher
- Added Manual Da Selection

Improved Htc Sprint Unlock
- Fixed Port Detection

Improved Htc Qualcomm zip Flasher
- Fixed Memory Usage Option


Htc Pack Features

# All HTC SPRINT/Virgin Unlock (With or without Root)
# All HTC SPRINT/Virgin Read MSL/SPC (With or without Root)

Falcon Htc Module (1.4).exe