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FAQ}-Blackberry z10 {Hang / Block / 10 Left Password / Red Light } ETC

Discussion in 'BlackBerry - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by AVieira, Aug 11, 2015.

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    HI Guys,

    I seen in forum always user posting to BB Section about z10 hang on logo , Red light , blocked password Etc problem . So let's me explain here about these problem and solution . Kindly next time before post fellow my solution

    Update With BB Link/Autoloader :

    You can update your phone with Autoloader Remember you must use your same STL OS (EXAMPLE - STL100-1 ETC). STL version have in your phone back side . So you can download correct OS for your Phone . Also you can update your phone with BB Link Its Online updater , 1st time take long time for Os downloading 2nd time no need long time , Cases you have download already ! Remember Some time unable to detect on BB Link , This case Simple wipe your Phone With CFP ( I already share in below ) Then connect to BB Link !

    Hang On Logo / Red light :
    • 1st try to update Autoloader Or BB Link . Remember if you try with Autoloader you must you same STL Version
    • If after update Still hang on logo , your problem is not solve So just wipe your phone with CFP For Blackberry Z10 By AzimBahar Then Update your phone

    Password Block/10 Left :
    • 1st you need use CFP For Blackberry Z10 By AzimBahar . This case connecting is impotent . You may connect too way . 1st run WIPE from CFT tools then connect phone and entry password 10 time. If same, Once again Run WIPE and connect phone without battery and entry password 10 time.
    • After wipe update your phone that's it

    Impotent note :
    1. If after wipe phone not connect to PC , Then connect battery to phone wait few min

    These way tested By me 50 more time