Galaxy S6 release date rumored


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Jan 19, 2012
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Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy S6 at its MWC event next month but what many of us would be interested in then would be the release date, exactly when Samsung fans will be able to get their hands on the company’s latest device. If a latest rumor is to be believed then it might not take long for the Galaxy S6 to make its way from the stage to your pocket. This rumor suggests that the Galaxy S6 might be released on March 22nd or just a couple of days after it.

Apparently Samsung employees have been informed of vacation blackout days prior to the launch of a major new product. The blackout period begins from March 22nd and ends on March 30th. Another blackout period starts April 19th and ends April 27th. It is possible that the second blackout period might concern release of the Galaxy S6 Edge though the purportedly leaked internal memo that has appeared online does not make any distinction based on device model for these blackout dates.

Even if Samsung won’t take too long to bring the Galaxy S6 to the market one must keep in mind that this new flagship won’t immediately be released in all markets around the world. Its home base of South Korea may very well be the first market where the Galaxy S6 comes out either on or after March 22nd, 2015.