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By Alexa on Feb 6, 2016 at 5:15 AM
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    S7 Edge
    Samsung introduced built-in wireless (or rather inductive) charging capability with the Galaxy S6 a year ago, and made strides into making it nearly as quick as true wired charging by launching the fast wireless charger when the Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge+ came out last fall.

    Well, the Galaxy S7 range won't be missing the feature either, judging by a listing on a UK retailer's website. Clove's brief description of the accessory mentions that it's optimized for the upcoming Galaxy S7/S7 edge but will also be compatible with other smartphones complying to the Qi standard.


    And it's all fine and dandy, but the pictures show the existing Wireless Charging Pad mini, which has been available for a while now. The listing is clearly just a placeholder at the time, and it also doesn't seem too likely that Clove will give you a pound to pick up a charging pad, as the -£1.00 price suggests.

    The good bit is that Samsung isn't abandoning useful features (like the microSD slot and removable battery it scrapped with the Galaxy S6 generation) this time around. Wireless charging, coupled with the alleged 2-day endurance and 17 hours of video playback make a compelling case for the Galaxy S7, if they prove to be true.

    Thanks for the tip, Sushi!

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