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Gartner: Worldwide PC shipments drop by 9.5 percent in Q2 2015

Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Princess, Jul 11, 2015.

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    The PC market has been slowly shrinking over the years, and this year is no different. According to Gartner, the PC shipments in the second quarter of 2015 dropped by 9.5 percent worldwide compared to the same quarter last year.


    Lenovo was the top company once again in the PC space but suffered a year-on year decline for the first time since 2013. It was followed by HP and Dell.

    Gartner believes there are three reasons for the drop, the first being the rise of US dollar compared to some of the local currencies worldwide, causing increased prices, the second being phasing out of Windows XP last year, which caused a lot of people to upgrade last year and not so much this year, and lastly manufacturers clearing out old stock this year to prepare for the upcoming Windows 10.

    Gartner believes, however, that the PC sales will be back up next year in 2016.

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