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GcProKey UPDATE28 Lot of Exclusive Things Added - Feel the Heat in Winter !!

Discussion in 'Hard/Software Products & Online Server' started by JAFRI, Nov 11, 2015.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    GcProKey UPDATE28 released 10-11-15

    GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0022 released.

    What's new ?

    • Added Support of LG Models For Remove Safe Talk
      • Model list:
        • G2
        • G3
        • G4
          • Without Adb
          • Without Root
          • Without Any Hassle
        • Note:This will not remove google verification protection(FRP).
    • Added Unlocking of Samsung Google Account Verification Protection
      • So Called FRP.
        • No Need ADB
        • Rooting is NOT Necessary
      • World First... Yes REAL WORLD'S 1st SOLUTION !!
        • FRP Removing Include T and J series Models.
    • Added Remove Samsung Account lock
      • Called Re-Activation
        • without adb
        • Without root
      • World First... Yea Another World's 1st Content !!
        • Only new models.
        • Note:Some older models may not work we are working on them.
    • Added Samsung EE/rent-a etc lock Remove
      • World First & Exclusive !!
        • without adb
        • Without root
          • Non Exynos phones !!
    • Added Samsung M9KEFS Reset in Download Mode support.
    • Added Samsung MODEMST Reset in Download Mode support.
    • Added Support for Samsung PXA1908
      • Unlock
      • Cert read .
        • Use adb unlock
        • root need
    • Added LG Domestic Unlocking to use in USA G3
      • World's 1st !! Yea Baby it's Really World's 1st
        • G3 Sprint unlock support including domestic use in USA
          • Without root
          • only lollipop OS
    • Added Universal Google verification protection
      • Called FRP
        • for user who can enable adb+root.
        • Note:This for user who enable adb and root there device but not able to remove FRP
        • May useful for some users.
    • Added LG FRP Removal For
      • LS991ZV5
      • H81110H
      • H34510B
        • Note:Other models you can request to support team.
        • Note2:If any problem come you can redo frp remove will restore phone from backup.. if phone is not formatted after using gcpro.
        • Note3:This will remove google verification protection(FRP).
    • Added monkey test,time service basic virus remove support..
      • World's 1st... Waow !! Again World's 1st [​IMG]
        • Android tab press Virus Remove
        • WITHOUT ROOT
          • Note: This will kill backdoor daemon script running in background and some application which let virus come return always..
          • Note2: You may need to remove manually virus loaded extra application file from /system/app/ and /system/priv-app/ via root explorer and root.
    • Improved LG SPRINT unlock for older 5.0 and 5.0.2 including G3 SPRINT unlock support.
    • Improved QCN write fail due to filter. now it will filter more then just imei.
    • Improved file check was returning false on some case.

    link1= https://www.mediafire.com/folder/kzd5v0z4fecn7/GCPROKEY
    link2= https://mega.co.nz/#F!1pxHgTBA!P7owR-MlJxD-r0_N6o0xWQ
    link3= https://drive.google.com/folderview?...FE&usp=sharing
    link4= GCPROTEAM by gc P. - 4shared
    link5= Box | Simple Online Collaboration: Online File Storage, FTP Replacement, Team Workspaces
    link6= https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w9gdsem09...Upj32aEVa?dl=0

    Do you feel it ?
    Feel The Difference With GCPro.