GcProKey Update66 [SS333 Without Root Code read World First]


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GcPro Total update count 66 release date 15-06-2018

GCPROGSMTOOL V1.0.0.0058 released.
  • What's New:
    • Added
      • World First SS333 all models all version simlock code read.
        • without root
        • beta
      • World First SS333 all models all version imeicert read.
        • without root
        • beta
      • SS333 all models all version TMB Unlock via credits..
        • without root
          Note:You can unlock such phones without credits via root also.
          Note:for SS333 No root read helpfile How to use SS333 Without root.txt
  • Improvements:
    • Exynos unlock for ss333,310,308 scuid was not saved.
    • Lg rpl write.
    • imei cert write adb when nv is corrupted or baseband is unknown.
    • RLOCK ADB even after success on UART report FAIL.

Strongly recommend to use latest version. all old version will stop working soon.