Get Facebook Like Chat-Heads For Whatsapp On Android


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Feb 13, 2012
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Facebook is the most used social network in the world and have respective apps for different platforms. If you have used the facebook messenger android app then you must know of ‘Chat-Head’ feature. In case if you didn’t know, Chat-Head is the quick notification feature which will quickly notify you of messages and other notifications when you are using any other app or playing game without opening the app. It is kind of a messenger which appears on screen and you can chat with your friends without opening the full app. This feature of messenger is surely a hit and the thing which people like the most is the quick replying service.

But facebook is not the only social network, there are several others too. WhatsApp is the most used messenger around the world and almost everyone with smartphones use this amazing service to connect socially. Now as usual when you got any message on whatsapp and you tap on that notification to open it and it take some time to open that chat but when you press back button and it leaves you on main app, which means it opens the full app to show you the message. But as you know chat-heads didn’t required launching of full app, it shows a quick reply service. Now think of the same facebook like chat-head service app for whatsapp on your android and imagine you got message of your friend on whatsapp and you tap on that and instead of opening the full application, you reach to that message in seconds.

Well come out from the imagination as the cheat-heads are now ported to whatsapp on android and you can now do what you was imagining before. Here’s the way to get facebook like chat-heads for whatsapp on android.

To get the chat-heads on your whatsapp, you just simply have to install the Dashdow application on your smartphone from play store. Dashdow is the app which allows user to view and reply the message in a glance without opening the conversation. You can also view the notification on your lockscreen. When you open chat-head, it will open a quick reply box on which you can send text messages and also send messages with attachments. After you send the text, it will took you back to the conversation.

Just like the chat heads on facebook messenger, with this app you can configure chat head for specific person or group chats. The Dashdow app have two versions on play store, one is free and the other one is paid because of extra feature to access the chat-head for particular person. You can install it directly from play store on your phone or simply follow the below link to download the app.