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Jan 24, 2015
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Despite some rumors to the contrary, Samsung's new TouchWiz edition that ships with the Galaxy S6 looks almost as bloated (sorry, feature and freebies-laden) as before. There was speculation that Samsung apps like S Note, S Voice and so on, will be provided as separate downloads, though, in order to avoid gumming up the interface works.
Well, this didn't really happen, as those apps still come preinstalled on the new S6 and S6 edge phones, but they are a bit redesigned now, with a few new features added, so you might want to grab them for your current Samsung phone. Ten of those apps have been dragged out of a Galaxy S6 by Albe95, and posted at XDA-Devs for your viewing and usage pleasure.
Bear in mind that you have to have TouchWiz running on Android 5.0 Lollipop in order to install and run those stock app replacements - if you do, then the road is clear.

source: Albe95 (XDA-Devs)