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GFIVE G9 – ROM Android 4.1.2 MIUI

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    ROM Phone GFIVE G9 – ROM Android 4.1.2 MIUI
    GFIVE G9
    GFIVE G9 - Update 05/21/2013
    Update 05/21/2013

    MIUI 3.5.17 update log:
    [Recommended] this week
    New App Store, the new user first enters recommend "installed must have" applications
    Add desktop add new global search
    Optimization of the compass, the new calibration interface

    Add a call to adjust the volume through the headset wire

    Fix some cases, the contacts are not displayed call log call recording problems

    Added new global search
    Optimized 3rd party icons backplane display rules

    Optimization problem repair Mi2A voice shutter insensitive
    Fix some cases panoramic images appear puzzle wrong question
    Fix some cases from a third-party program to activate the camera, horizontal screen orientation when the wrong question

    Optimized cloud fluency album browsing
    Repair some cases the problem can not start
    Fix some pictures using the "fast map" after the rotation, in the gallery is open flashes back issues

    Fix some cases, the headphone wire the Play / Pause button failure problem
    Fix some cases, the initialization problem of flash back equalizer
    Fix some third-party models, EQ button dislocation problem

    [App Store]
    Add a new user first enters recommend installed the necessary application (details)
    Perfect Icon update does not fix the problems in a timely manner

    [File Manager]
    WPS Office optimized to increase the identification of a specific file type
    Fix some cases, decompression flash back problems
    Repair when the phone connects to multiple storage devices, the search to a file but can not be opened

    The new interface optimized calibration

    [FM Radio]
    Optimization Support MP3 format recording

    New visitor mode disabled edit notes
    Optimization in the details page to enter edit mode from the original touch trigger mode turns Click

    [Voice assistant]
    Fix some cases when you send text messages using voice assistant flash back problems

    Add to increase page load failure "Retry" button
    Optimization "Favorites" and "unsubscribe" button, the icon style
    Optimized Filter dialog box style
    Details page optimization video title can scroll the display
    Optimizing Page "Loading" style
    Repair Repair starts on third-party models flash back problems
    Fix some cases, into the "Collection & chase drama" page, click on the list item will flash back problems


    ROM code: ZOPO950H20130504
    The most recent version: 3.4.25
    System version: Android 4.1.2

    Features ROM:

    The MTK6589 MIUI V5 case
    Based the MIUI official source compiler optimized.
    The MTK phone and SMS
    Authentic, not built-in any marketing software
    Dual card dual standby, a single card

    Language support: Multilang

    Install ROM :


    Shutdown (charged battery). And press the volume + power button to boot into the recovery interface
    wipe data / factory reset to delete user data and restore the factory settings (Brush must be executed before options)
    wipe cache partition clear the system cache (Brush) (old problems of the steering system can also try this option)