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Goldgenie can sell you an iPhone SE encased in 200g of solid 18K gold


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Oct 18, 2014
King Tut was born before the camera was invented, so his selfie had to come in the form of a 10kg gold mask. You, a child of the digital age, can instead get a gold iPhone SE from Goldgenie and snap gilded selfies with that.

They come in 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum versions and start off with the relatively reasonable Edition - £1,582 (excluding VAT) - goes through several Swarovski-studded options and proceeds to the outrageous Solid Gold Superstar.

Most such gold gadgets are gold-plated - meaning you get very little actual gold (this is the case with the Edition). The Superstar is a different story, though, it has a whopping 200g of solid 18K gold.

Let me repeat that - 200g of 18K gold. That would be £38,000 (excl. VAT) or you can get the Superstar Ice version with 365 diamonds (5.5 carats total) for £54,400. At least Goldgenie can repurpose the gold for the next model that comes out, so you can enjoy a current phone without plopping down another £38,000 (again, without VAT. I would calculate the "with VAT" price, but my wallet will have a nervous breakdown).

Regardless of which version you pick you will receive it in a fancy Cherry Oak finished box and Total Armour Protection.

PS. If you want a golden iPad Pro, Truly Exquisite has you covered.

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