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Google+ is not included by default on the Galaxy Note 5

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by JAFRI, Aug 19, 2015.

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    It appears that Google’s official social networking app Google+ is not pre-loaded on the Galaxy Note 5. According to Android Central, Google+ doesn’t come pre-installed on the Galaxy Note 5 even though Google Photos and several other Google apps come installed by default.

    It’s also worth noting that the Galaxy A8 doesn’t come with Google+ pre-installed either. This news shouldn’t surprise us given the fact that Google has slowly been pulling out its Google+ support as of late, splitting the photos functionality into a separate app for example, and removing the need for a Google+ account in order to comment on YouTube videos.

    It’s good to see that Samsung’s latest Note device features less bloatware considering that Google’s social network hasn’t had a huge success. The Galaxy Note 5 still has quite a bit of bloatware depending on the carrier, but things might get better in this area especially now that Chinese customers can remove the pre-installed apps from their devices.