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Google Japan announces a breakthrough “keyboardless keyboard” a party horn input accessory

Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Princess, Apr 1, 2015.

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    If you thought Google’s team in Japan was done with Google Panda, the cute and fluffy stuffed animal that puts Google Now in your arms, literally, then you would be mistaken.

    Some people are simply not tech savvy. This is a reality and it is not simply relegated to older generations, the tech just doesn’t mesh with their way of thinking. Or, their hands are always full, and they cannot be bothered with trying to use their device with one hand.

    Good old party horns are another story, however. Who can’t relate to a good time while parading with a party horn? No hands needed. Geared for Japan, and the complex nature of Japanese language input, the idea was to take something that was user-friendly and apply practical solutions to those are tech-challenged. By placing the module on your run-of-the-mill party horn, you can then direct input to your Bluetooth connected device.

    The solution is called, Google Japanese Input Piro-piro Version. For those that don’t understand, Japanese refer to certain actions in a double-word. For example, a dog “sniffs,” so one might ask, “Inu (dog)-wa?” The answer is, “Kun-kun (sniff sniff).” “Piro-piro” is a play on that practice and doesn’t really mean anything.

    Hat’s off to Google’s team in Japan for having a go at April Fool’s Day. The crew even put together an impressive product page with specifications and everything.

    source: Google Japan